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2019 Wild Island Adventures

Wild Island Sail Adventures / Halifax / 100 Wild Islands

Lunenburg & LaHave Islands

2 Day Sail/Camp/Kayak Itinerary - Contact us for Booking

Start your day on the UNESCO Lunenburg Waterfront with freshly baked pastries, coffee and tea aboard Little Duck. After a safety equipment and procedures demonstration, we'll discuss the day's route on the chart.

Departing Lunenburg Harbour, we watch the Town disappear behind the Lighthouse as Lunenburg Bay opens up to the Atlantic.

We steer NE for the picturesque community of Blue Rocks, before heading across the bay for the steep cliffs forming the famous Ovens Natural Park.

From the The Ovens we’ll steer SE for Rose Bay Point, crossing the scenic Rose Bay with its far reaching shallows. From Point to Point to Point. Rose Bay to Hell to Gaff that is, passing many bold houses dotting the Kingsburg community shore, beach and dramatic sand cliffs. Passing into Moshers Bay with West Ironbound Island to the south, marks the entrance to the LaHave River. Ahead to the West, the white sand shores of the La Have Islands group.

Depending on the wind forecast for the overnight, we take our pick of beach anchorages.

With the hook set, we row ashore to make your camp and prepare dinner with fresh local ingredients on the wood burning stove.

You have the rest of the afternoon and evening to yourselves. Explore the beach, A quiet island camp under the stars. Not a soul in sight, but for Little Duck on her anchor. Not bad, eh?

The skipper is always available via cell or handheld VHF radio provided.

Wake to the smell of fresh coffee and tea brewing on the camp wood stove. A hearty breakfast with local ingredients is offered.

Take the time to swim and kayak (packraft) while the skipper packs your camp and prepares for the afternoon sail.

We plot our return. 

The prevailing winds are SW during summer and to be Lunenburg bound delivers a day of smooth sailing, bird watching, and the opportunity for whale sightings.

Returning to the colourful town of Lunenburg under sail with the setting sun is an experience that never tires. A place welcoming to every sailor, from anywhere, going nowhere but home or the deli, pubs, and inns.  

All tours are subject to cancellation for operational reasons at the sole discretion of the boat captain. Passengers are provided a full refund for tours cancelled by the company and captain, regardless of when the tour is cancelled. 

Passengers may cancel their booking up to 1 week prior to sailing for a full refund. 50% of the cost of the tours is refunded for tours cancelled by the passenger less than 24 hrs prior to scheduled sailing time.