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2019 Wild Island Adventures

Wild Island Sail Adventures / Halifax / 100 Wild Islands

Little Duck X

Home Port - Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Model - Contessa 26/Taylor 26

Built Toronto, CAN 1985

26 ft

5400 lb

Sloop with Solent Inner Stay

Artist & Sailor

Justin Davey

Lives in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Transport Canada Licensed Skipper

Back in 2008, fresh out of school with a Fine Arts Degree, I purchased my first sailboat. It was a folkboat and that proved a good choice. I fell in love with sailing, got rid of everything, and moved aboard my tiny boat. After thousands of sea miles and seven other sailboats, I have come full circle. The Contessa 26 Little Duck X, is a design derivative of the original folkboat. It is a boat famous for setting round the world singlehanded records, most notably skippered by Tania Aebi. Back in the late 80's, and prior to modern GPS, Tania become the youngest person ever to sail around the world. For the singlehander, a small, heavy and yet easily driven hull can (If properly dialed and conservatively reefed) provide relative comfort and safety at sea. She also makes for an excellent daysailor and island gunkholer. With a sheltered cockpit for 4, she is well suited to hopping the Nova Scotia coast under sail power, often without any need to operate the auxiliary diesel motor. The approach at Wild Island Adventures is low impact. We visit some of the last untouched islands on the East Coast of North America, and our goal is conservation through tourism. As such, we operate a limited number of tours on a small boat.

Little Duck X complies with Transport Canada's small commercial vessel regulations for operation as a passenger carrying sailboat.